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Apr 21, 2008, 11:47 PM

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Re: [737driver] Jump Pilot Training Course

I like sentiment your ideas have but fear that it won't make much difference at all. For every regulation created, a loophole will be found or someones signature can be bought. And over regulation will spell the death of the sport as we know it.

The Aircraft we are using in this industry were never designed for the hours and cycles that we used them to.

Cessna never planned for their light GA products to do 10,000 hours, or 30,000 cycles, but that's all some operators think they can afford.

I'd like to believe that if more time and effort is spent by this industry as a whole to educate jumpers of the dangers of improperly maintained and operated aircraft, and the additional dangers of unqualified, or reckless pilots, then those same jumpers will stop doing business with shady operators no matter how attractive the price.

I might be a bit naive.

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