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grimmie  (D 18890)

Apr 21, 2008, 10:33 AM

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Jump Pilot Training Course

It's time to establish a national jump pilot training course. I am never for more FAA involvement in our sport, but enough is enough.
There needs to be an add on rating for fixed wing pilots to fly jumpers.
The course should be intense, cover everything from 182's to Otters and every plane in between.
There is a history to jumpship crashes that is unfortunately being repeated at a very high expense in lives.
It might not prevent further crashes, but it will prevent many I am sure.
This had been discussed before, I think it's time.
Diverdriver, Zing, where do we start?
Just my 2 cents worth after the Perris crash 16 years ago tomorrow, and all of the incidents since.

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