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Apr 7, 2008, 10:41 PM

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Re: [mnealtx] recurrency jump wind restrictions?

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Once a person recieves their license there are no wind restrictions in the US per the BSRs and the SIMS. There are also no guidelines for licensed jumpers regarding winds and recurrency jumps. Commen sense and judgement is left to the individual jumpers.

If they're doing a student-level recurrency jump (going back to Cat D or somesuch) wouldn't the wind limits for a student-in-training come into play, though?

Everything in the SIM about recurrency is all recommendations, not requirements, so it's really up to the DZ how they interpret the SIM.

But, the fact also remains that DZ management can and does set wind limits for licensed jumpers all the time. DZs shut their planes down. DZs hold tandems. I've even been at one DZ that said "C license and above only" on a particular day. So even though we may technically have the right to make our own calls, we jump at the discretion of the management of the DZ every single day, and if they want to tell me one day that there's a wind limit for blondes, I'll happily sit down (if I hadn't decided to already, since I'm usually one of the first people on the ground when winds get wonky). LaughLaugh

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