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diverdriver  (D 19012)

Dec 16, 2002, 7:52 AM

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Re: [billvon] 300 way final day

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Largest all-otter formation flight (15)

Bill, sorry but we never had an all otter formation. When the skyvan went down we brought in a King Air 100 into the formation. So, the most otters we had was 14 on Saturday's attempts. We added a second otter from Elsinore flying left trail in between me and the farthest left otter. He did great considering we had a lot to learn ourselves all week.

But you know, 14 otters is still a shit load of otters! And congratulations to you Bill and all for doing an excellent job in the sky. It makes all the work with the planes worth while. I'm exhausted and need a break. I know all you guys have got to be just as worn out.

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