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Mar 4, 2008, 6:31 PM

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Re: [Sluggo_Monster] Take This Plane To Mexico

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I am trying to convince him to join us at this forum. I hope he does.

I hope he gets the correct information to work with.

The FBI and NWA concluded that the actual jump occurred between 8:10 and 8:12 ---nine miles from the closest tributary and yet, you want to extend that time just because money was found in the are changing FACTS to fit the finding of money 8 yrs later..

These FACTs were found thru 3 months of simulations and calculation with 3 crew members - you are contending that the crew was incorrect in their time. These 3 crew members had the incident fresh in their mind and with a much deeper understanding of the facts.

Others are altering the time line in order to put the money in the Columbia. Duh! So the three crew members where idiots flying a 727 and unable to read a watch. I don't think so

The money - experts have concluded due to the condition of the money that it washed onto the shore line within a yr. of it being found.

The condition of the money means it was protect for most of those 8 yrs - just how much protection do you think a canvas bag would have provided in the Columbia under currents - the opening was not secured enough to last for 8 yrs in that water - THINK - just how was Cooper going to make a secure container out of a canvas bag on board a plane with an adrenaline rush that would hold for 8 yrs in the bottom of the Columbia. Maybe - the package did survive the jump and the impact of landing with enough protect to float several miles -- not likely. Basically impossible.

Bad New Bear - Once paper is soaked with water it a test with 10,000 bills in a canvas bag (they did not repel water in 1971). Be sure to make a secure tether for that bag or 10,000 bills are gone if you put them in the Columbia or a contributary that would flow into the Columbia.

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