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Duane was desperate - a man diagnosed with a disease that was considered to be fatal at that time and with a painful life on rudimentary dialysis. He did not want to die the way his mother did - and he made his choice --- his one last chance to prove he was not a Mouse or a misfit who had to live up to the image of his brother.

WinkYou and others did not search far enough and there are individuals posting here that feel they have to discredit me to prove their own theory. (I am not out there trying to discredit them.) For the record I have explained this many times --- and will do so one last time. Perhaps you who do not understand kidney disease and its' progression and history.

FrownIn 1971 Duane Weber was told that he had a kidney disease. His mother had died on the rudimentary machines of the 50's and this is not how he wanted to die. Little was know about kidney disease in 1971 - they would later find (yrs. later) that the kind of kidney disease he had went in stages depending on how one took care of themselves.

UnimpressedIn 1971 - most people did not survive long term with kidney disease after being placed on the machine - 2 yrs to 5 ys max. The equipment was not the equipment they have today - even with the technology of today it is debilitating and death usually results in 5 yrs or so - the machine cannot do what the kidneys do without damaging the body. Duane was on the machine for the last 5 yrs of his life - you do not want to know how they suffer even today in 2008.

In 1971 he was drinking, smoking and eating everything he shouldn't - his blood pressure skyrocketed - this is how they found the disease.
In 1971 they didn't know what they know about the different forms of the disease - Duane had one of the slower forms called polycystic which moves in stages and these stages advance according to the life style.

Unsure Unfortunately they lumped it all together in 1971 - the Doctors told their patients - "Your kidneys are failing and you are looking at a kidney machine in couple of yrs."

THINK! 1971 - and the Dr. makes that statement to you. Your mother died on the machine and back then it wasn't 3 or 4 hours - 3 times a wk. It was more hours and more times a wk. What would have been your state of mind? You are in good physical health, strong swimmer, participate in very physical activities - are you ready to die within 5 yrs one of the worst deaths known to man?

Put yourself in the place of this man in 1971.

Are you re-thinking everything you have done with your life - that 17 yrs of your life was spent in prison? What do you have to show for your life?

FOR GOD's SAKE - listen to me and think. WHAT would YOU DO? - I do not want to hear one more word about his health. I also do not want to be hounded about our neighbor of 1984 who just happened to be a jumper or the fact that he happened to know where McCoy was killed in Va. The individuals who take these things and make repetivite posts about something so mundane - are not interested in finding out who Cooper was.

These individuals need to be productive - such as contacting the co-pilot - find out the exact time of the pressure change, although it has been recorded over and over in books and news articles that they said he jumped at 8:12/8:13 - Spend your time looking this up. The crew looked at their own watch and instruments, yet there are those who for their own benefit refuse to believe that - now it is when it was recorded, etc. All the speculating and guessing the time is futile.

SmileA fact is a fact. Why don't one of you call the co-pilot before he dies? The pilot is already dead.

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