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Vertifly  (D 27236)

Feb 24, 2008, 9:56 AM

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Re: [fedykin] Atmo questions??

Dude, atmonauti has a tendency to cause a few subjects of dispute. Some people think it is the same as tracking. "oh..we used to do that in the mid-90's's called tracking".

Whether or not it is a discipline all its own, or lift is possible or not - in which both cases I happen to see it this way -

...either's fun and challenging to maneuver in the angle. Relative work in atmonauti looks money. Transitioning takes A LOT of practice. Smooth docking has a price in jump numbers. Go fly, make it happen, try to create lift, and be creative with it.

In the mark of flying, 45-degree flight has only been experemented. The "tracing" going on at the Nordic Meet and the events that the Italians are putting on are invite-only. The reason for this is that people who practice it regularly are the one's who can do it.

It takes discipline to fly in formation. Get out of a plane and try getting good at it. I still am working on it. In America, it is less popular. Luckily, ZHills gets a lot of Europeans and they like flying the 45. Be safe...Peace....Blue Sky's. Smile

ps....obviously lift is possible however marginal. Sly

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