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Feb 21, 2008, 12:20 AM

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Windsor, 377 and Sluggo

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I keep thinking of Werner Heisenberg's assessment of a student's work: "This isn't right. It isn't even wrong."

Great Posts from some very intelligent individuals..I feel like a fifth grade student in a college classroom. Overwhelmed, but the humor that went with it was absolutely the greatest - I am sitting here laughing after reading these posts. Thank You.

Low_pull, PLEASE get off of the subject of Chuck. I will say one more time, Duane did not meet him until "84 and he was all of 30 yrs old.

You remind me of an antagonistic overbearing poster called DBCooperCatcher from the Unsolved Mysteries forum, because you post like him and your PM's use the same syntax and typing style. Catcher was - the man who has accused one individual of being Cooper after he spent endless months in a forum saying McCoy was Cooper.

His posts were endless gibberish contributing nonething of value and being an antagonist was his only accomplishment. He became the worm in the apple ...and you know what was done with the apple?
It got tossed in the garbage.

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