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Feb 20, 2008, 11:45 AM

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Re: [winsor] Take This Plane To Mexico


Thank you for your response (ouch). I asked for critical assessment and I got it.

For one thing, the routing of an aircraft by ATC is a game of Simon Says. Regardless of what kind of reverse-psychology you think you have dialed in, the likelihood of getting a particular route +/- 5 miles is so low as to be unworthy of consideration.

Are you sure? If we can locate an Air Traffic Controller, let’s see what 2-digit Victor Airway he/she will assign, given the Cooper parameters. If they give anything other than V-23, I’ll stand corrected. (As I said earlier, I want to be right, not just right in my mind.) I welcome help from active or past ATCs.

In the same sense that it is almost impossible for a skilled artist to mimic a child's drawing without it being obvious to the trained eye that it was actually done by a pro, there is a big difference between a seasoned parachutist throwing in enough red herrings to confuse investigators and a clueless neophyte who really has no conception of what is involved. Cooper shows too many signs of being in the latter category.

While I’m totally neutral on your conclusion (concerning Coopers skill level), I love the analogy. I hope it isn’t original, because I will probably use it in some of my training.

If you have things under control, you don't lose money. The money was the whole reason for the exercise, so this is a big red flag that says that it did not go as planned.

I agree, things probably did not go as planned. But, how can you say the money was the “reason for the exercise”, especially, in view of the; “I just have a grudge” statement from Cooper to Mucklow?

All the speculation in this thread that comes from armchair quarterbacks is fine, but has little to do with reality. I keep thinking of Werner Heisenberg's assessment of a student's work: "This isn't right. It isn't even wrong."

Thanks for the segue. Odd you should mention Heisenberg and armchair quarterbacks in the same sentence. If you are familiar with Heisenberg, then surely you are familiar with his “uncertainty principle” and it’s relationship to Erwin Schrödinger’s ”cat analogy”.

Well, Winsor, I believe since you, nor I, nor anyone on this board was there (unless someone on this board is Cooper), then we are all armchair quarterbacks. And just like Heisenberg, the more we accept particular aspect/parameter in this case, the less we know about the reality of the case. So, we all just assign a reality in which we are comfortable. I have mine and you have yours.

Oh, and about Schrödinger’s cat, unless you have found the body, as far as Schrödinger is concerned, just like the cat in the box, Cooper is dead AND Cooper is alive.

Thanks for the criticism, really!

Sluggo_Monster, Armchair Quarterback

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