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Re: [377] Cooper vs. the Elements

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" He was bantering this same way with someone on the CB - regarding this handle."

Just how involved in CB radio was Duane? What kind of gear did he have? How long had he been involved with CB radio?

He had a good set-up in 1978 and later on he got a better one...but we traveled almost every week from Ft.Collins, CO to Jasper and Gillett and Cheyenne. Got caught in a few white-outs, but he kept the car equipped enough to survive if we got stranded. Butane cannisters, blankets, large sleeping bag, juices, and canned goods...of course the usual signs to put on top of your item most never carry - a spare battery in a case...not as big as a car battery...

Traveling WY - he talked about Montana and Idaho -Coeur de Alene. When we were offered the opportunity to work Spokane he refused to even go visit - because it was too close to this other place. I have often thought this might have a connection to the mother of his daug...I never sound either one.
He spoke of Bitteroot - in that same conversation.

Whatever it was in Coeur de Alene he was not going to go there nor was he going to work Spokane or anywhere near there.

He was very familiar with WA and OR - for a man who according to the FBI didn't even spend time in jail there (they would later refute that statement) he sure knew the area. I noted to Ckret that there was an alias on Duane's SanQuentin and Folsom records - Wayne Webber and Wayne Weber. SO prior to 1951 Duane was this other guy. Some of the yrs between 1944 and 1951 I were spent in those areas, but the FBI won't even look at it.

I believe the ranger training and exposure to jumpers was in that time frame. They may have been smoke jumpers or drug runners or mafia connected...but I know that the link lies there in that span of yrs.

Could run an ad in the papers - but who would remember that young feller from those yrs - most would be senile or dead...dumb idea. I have made some phone calls and sent out the forestry one wants to search old records.

Way more information that anyone wants to know.

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