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Were Duane and McCoy a team? Was "Chuck " tied to the team? Chuck was from VA ow W VA too

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"The third time was in Va. when he showed me where Richard McCoy died - and who he was. When I think back on that - it was very Odd that he even told me that and I am not sure he mentioned Cooper in that conversation. In that same time span one night with a few too many - he cried (the only time in my life I saw him cry) - he was sad - he was the reason another man was dead...but never offered an explanation.

How do you get a connection to McCoy out of that?
I was remembering things from our past - anything he may have said to me that even remotely could be connected and you take and make my WORDS into what they are not .

SmileFor anyone who wants an explanations of the reason he cried: I don't know - there was no indications Duane knew McCoy - but he knew that he had died in Va and where.....

Because McCoy was a copycat and because Duane felt responsible...did you even think that this might be why he departed from a life of crime to go straight - GUILT - Duane was a thief and not a murderer. I am sure when he found out his copycat got killed by the FBI and that the FBI agent had stated that when he killed McCoy that he killed Cooper. He was the reason McCoy died.

How do you think that statement made a man feel who was a MOUSE? Duane would let himself get stomped before letting someone else get hurt. THAT's why he cried ... because he was responsible for McCoy's death.

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