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Feb 19, 2008, 12:22 AM

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Re: [low_pull1] Cooper vs. the Elements

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Were Duane and McCoy a team? Was "Chuck " tied to the team? Chuck was from VA ow W VA too

How can anyone get that statement out of the following PRIVATE EMAIL..

My edited private email to Low_pull.
"I had noted that you gave no name in the profile, but your answers in the Cooper site where very logical and to the point...the site has more or less fizzled lately.

Aren't you supposed to be in Australia...Chuck?
I just gave you a name - are you a Chuck. Kidding, but that name is on my mind lately - a man I whose name I do not remember just his first name and I have a picture of him - he was a skydiver.....Duane had access to his home on more than one occasion.

I don't know where I am going here - the things Duane told me were prior to 1983 when we first met this man - so that would not make sense. I guess I would like to find this man again and ask him if he by chance had any suspicions about Duane in any way conversations Duane had with him and another neighbor...about jumping and the war...both WW2 and Viet Nam. If they thought he was a Bull Shitter or if there was anything that stood out about him that they felt unusual.

This Chuck - his wife was also a jumper and the lived in Virgina Bch, VA - cannot remember the last name...his wife was blond and very petite. How would I go about finding them...I guess I just can't let this die - somewhere there is an answer?

I edited out part of this as it was not meant to be posted in PUBLIC.
I also deleted a paragraph and part of another paragraph -- I was trying to think my way thru a memory.

More of the PM as I wrote it:

"This thing is literally driving me crazy - it has consumed my life - I need to find a way to let go of it. Maybe the only way I am going to do that is to go to WA and do what I have said I was going to do - bury him seems appropriate now...a with it try to leave him behind and to leave this crazy search that he embarked me upon behind.

It is my fault for not understanding what he was trying to tell me and not keeping the things that I got rid of - whatever was in that van was the clue I needed - he was specific in tell me there was something in that van - but he didn't tell me where it was. I know I looked where the man who bought it said he found the wallet - that tell me that there was something else and that he removed it - maybe a few of the bills."

I never indicated that this person was in anyway involved in anything. He was just a neighbor - nice neigbors and he and his wife were skydivers...I was thinking on paper like I always do."

I trust people and when I talk to others by PM - they know I am thinking with my fingers. It is how I survive with all of this stuff in my head.... BUT, please don't make something of it that it is not intended to be.

Copyright 2008 by Jo Weber

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