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Re: [Guru312] Cooper vs. the Elements

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By the way, my dictionary is bigger than airtwardo's dictionary

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I'm sure they do but my illustrated dictionary shows a picture of my dictionary next to your dictionary and mine is almost twice as big as yours.
This bantering made me remember something about Duane that I had forgot - are you sure you Guys didn't know him? All of this mine is bigger than yours - made me chuckle with this memory.

'Worlds Greatest Jock Ball Carrier" - not sure if I am remembering that correctly since I considered it distasteful at the time. He was bantering this same way with someone on the CB - regarding this handle.

Strange --- the things that trigger a memory. I wonder if I will ever forget the things he told me and be able to let them go. Because I didn't understand what he was telling me I didn't keep the things I should have kept....nor did I search that van like I should have.

I was trying to remember the number of times that Cooper may have entered the conversation...over a 17 yr period of time. Less than a handful and one
being the remark "That's where Cooper walked out of the woods". A second time was when I saw an article in the newpaper one morning after the money was found in 1980. Newpaper got carried with him that morning ...a wk or two later he makes weekday arrangements to go out socializing on the night they were going to feature Cooper in a program.

The third time was in Va. when he showed me where Richard McCoy died - and who he was. When I think back on that - it was very Odd that he even told me that and I am not sure he mentioned Cooper in that conversation. In that same time span one night with a few too many - he cried (the only time in my life I saw him cry) - he was sad - he was the reason another man was dead...but never offered an explanation.

The fourth time is when he said "I'm Dan Cooper" 11 days before he died. Frankly I can't remember the other time - or if there was one. I was aware of who Cooper was and I remember the article in the paper from 1971, but I am not really sure that he and I ever discussed Cooper beyond the above.

That leaves me one time that I may have forgotten about - If he had talked about Cooper a lot or one to pull cruel jokes - It would be easy to walk away.
I am still exploring a couple of things in regards to the tie and the area in WA where the tower and shed was...but beyond that - it is a dead end.

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