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The autopilot would be flying, sometimes he goes by the name of IRON MIKE.

SmileOOps! Sorry didn't know they had those in 1971, but I know little about airplanes - Obviously. See what I mean - Dumb Blonde Syndrome or just Dumb..
Believe it or not they had pretty good autopilots 65 years ago in WW2 bombers such as the B 24. It is very fatiguing hand flying planes with unboosted controls for hours and hours. Autopilots really helped on the the raids from the UK to Germany. We might be speaking German today if not for Mr. Norden (computing bombsight) and Mr Sperry (gyro controlled autopilot). The Norden bombsight and the Sperry autopilot actually worked together on the final run to the target. The bombardier flew the plane through bombsight generated correction inputs sent to the autopilot by wire. Too bad Cooper didnt have a Norden bombsight. Might have got a better spot.

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