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Feb 13, 2008, 6:27 PM

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Re: [377] Cooper vs. the Elements

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How would Cooper know where he was after landing at night and in the rain? How could he find his way to the cabin or car without being seen by searchers or suspicious residents?

Because - by the next morning when they first started looking....he was below the seach area they were concentrating on. Using the chute like a rain coat was just a throw out - /speculation. One thing for sure he didn't leave it where he landed and that is a fact....why leave a trail? The FBI had no idea Cooper was going right back at them. You are right he did not hit his target area - that is a given from the things the told me and showed me.

By the way we have a MOLE in the thread who is using anything I write for his own benefit - (by the way is that legal)? I am calling some individuals I know in WA. and the Forestry Dept. tomorrow.

Today I had Dr.s appts. and rightt now I have to go leave - think I am going to the ER.

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