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Feb 12, 2008, 2:45 AM

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Re: [1969912] Cooper vs. the Elements

I don't need anything on the Columbia - but I know I need to go to WA. or find authorities and people who can be trusted to let me direct them to the place -with cameras relaying back to me I will know when we find the place...somehow this should be able to be set up...I cannot fly right now except at very low altitudes and I have very serious tests scheduled that have to be done. None of this will prove that Duane is Cooper unless we find some evidence of whatever he buried there.

I found some old black and white copied totography maps I had, but no details of roads or terrain. I estimate he had about 2 miles to walk from one landmark and much further to reach the other points all with a landmarks. Unbelievable he was able to do this and the FBI not spot him - if I pinpoint it on a map then someone with the forestry dept records should be able to tell us what was there in 1979 and 1971. Also - when was the tower taken out as it wasn't there in 1979. This is going to answer a LOT of question.

I can't explain the FBI's DNA and fingerprint expertise - but my Gut told me that no man would fabricate this on his deathbed and have told another person many things over a period of yrs that in themselves meant nothing at all but that the sum total of these is the story of Dan Cooper. My desperate prayers where heard on this 11th day of Feb 2008. I have come from the lowest point in my life early this evening to the realization that nothing is impossible with God. When I went so low today was after a phone call from the man who has badgered me in the past - and my therapy after my talk with God was to write to Tina - a letter that I would never mail...and then this map shows up tonight - God does answer prayers.

I realize that we may find nothing - but I will know I stayed the course and did my best.

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