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Feb 11, 2008, 11:07 PM

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Re: [skyjack71] Cooper vs. the Elements

I felt it was not safe to leave this post up - so I deleted it - GOD why am I sick I need to go to WA. now - I just hope the area I pinpointed with in a 10 mile area is not developed - afraid to say too much on line because a man called me today who is ruthless and he keeps trying to get me to tell him how to find Tina - he lies to me in every breath -- he bugged me in 2003 and suddenly calls out of the blue again - said this was the number he called - got news I didn't use this number until 6 months ago when I let you guy have it - so he is postng here. On the phone he told me he was an attorney - - I don't believe that for one moment. Before when I checked him out he was using a calling card and the address he gave me was not correct. I did find out his home number thru an investigator and left him a message at his home...never heard from him again until today.

He acted like he was unaware of Mayfield - that is baloney - how can you live in that area and not be aware of Mayfield? I believe I know now which poster he is...and I told him lots in a pm - need to learn when to shut my mouth - right. Obviously this man will stoop to anything including badgering a girl who doesn't want to talk to the media - perhaps he needs to watch the new clip from 1971 when Tina got off that plane - let me assure you she was traumatized. The last thing she need is someone like him in her face.

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