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Feb 8, 2008, 7:07 PM

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Phone Conversation w/Carr

I called Carr to see if he was reading the thread - he stated that he had not He stated he can only provide information from the file and he is not actively investigating the case.

He again asked me to send what I had on Duane in the way of records - which I am doing. But, he also told me that the only way I can prove Duane was Cooper is to put him on the plane...I asked how him how I am supposed to do that. His reply - ticket or witness. There is only one way for me to get a witness - that is to confront Tina and Florence myself with the correct photos - age appropriate.

I have asked myself - how I could get them to view photos without actually intruding myself into their lives - and there is no way..I would think this to be the job of the FBI.

I only know one other way to put Duane on that plane . We are aware that more conversation took place between Duane and the Stewardess than we originally thought - such as the grudge question.

SmileThere was other conversation between the two of them - she was asking him questions as trained to do and dealing with her own fear, but at the same time learning something about the skyjacker. Now, I have to go deep within Duane and try to think what he might have said to her. He was being a little cocky, but sad with his answer as per the 'grudge" thing. Today I realized that I have forgotten so much about him - trying to recall metaphors he may have used.

Duane and his wife had supposedly broken up - two of her son's lived in the WA/OR area. She was the female version of himself. What would he have told Tina about her and other things in his life without revealing something that would lead the FBI to his doorstep if he survived.

CoolI need for you guys to pretend I am Cooper and you are the stewardess - fire questions at me - I will try to answer the way I think Duane would have answered. Please be kind and earnest with the questions - Remember that Tina was a good catholic girl of 20. Ask your daughter or wives if they were in Tina's place what would they ask...perhaps by doing this I will provide the FBI with the answer that will put him on the plane...I refuse to use vugarities and will replace them with the appropriate number of x's with a first letter.

ATTENTION CARR: If no such conversation happened then please let me know as there is no need to put me thru a grueling session that might not be necessary...

Ready when you are guy and gals.

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