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Feb 7, 2008, 8:05 PM

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Re: [winsor] Cooper Coda

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Similarly, the husband of the OP is someone who could and did screw up everything he touched. not much else.

SmileBut he didn't screw this one up.

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The problem is that this is the kind of action that only a consummate loser would claim as the basis for bragging rights. Enter the spouse of the OP.

Who is bragging ? - I believe in Do the Crime, Do the Time - this is NOT something I would BRAG about. Unfortunately crime has escalated in this country - and Cooper not being found has not set a good example.

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The idea that this guy was recruited "Dirty Dozen" style to be a Smoke Jumper is laughable. There is good reason why records of such a program are so elusive.

Who suggested this? Naming individuals Duane had connections with - and have knowledge of his past - this is not saying they were involved or that Duane was recruited. That is reading way too much into what I said --- .

Ed Horan - this individual talked about Duane and their past as young men in Wa, Id, Mt and Or.... I believe this is a connections to some type of training that would cause him to even entertain the idea of a skyjack. He did not think he would survive...he had a death wish.

Frank Roach - because Duane told me something about this individual - but it does NOT mean that he was involved in the skyjacking - it could mean access to the information and skills.

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In any event, the claims that have been made so far may not be bullshit, but they sound suspiciously similar.

Unfortunately I have borrowed nothing from anyone -I have only stated what I have discovered and I have had to play with some ideas - I always end up where I started but with some added insite. My conversation with Carr was not good.

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