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The book he read...not about HIM, but about DB Cooper...the man who's money he obtained. DB died on impact. Duane reaped the reward.

Sorry to blow theory out of the water - not just out of the water but out of SIGHT.

The trip Duane and I made was in 1979.
Norjax was published in 1986
Max Gunthers book was published in 1985
HaHaHa by Cooper was published in 1983
Tosaws's book in 1984

What does that do to that senario.
The Money is found in early 1980
Duane makes sure we do not see the TV. Feb 1980
Duane claims he lost his Job. Mar 1980
Duane leaves Co Mar 1980
Duane only comes back for daughter's graduation
June 1980 - my daug and I join him in AL
He went to a dead end job - left good job good money March 1980

Now after he dies in 1995 - I find he resigned - he requested to go back East using myself and my daug as the excuse. His letter of resignation was in his private papers.

Until the books above where published Cooper thought he had made a clean get away.

As soon as he got wind of one of the books and the composite - he grows his hair long and sports a bushy mustache...not a sign of the times - I hate facial hair. Had previously refuse a promotion saying he had to keep a LOW profile - this was confusing. Duane was Cooper.

I had a conversation with Agent Carr today: Will address that later: Not Good.

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