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Is the I-5 corridor north of Portland wilderness?

This was one of the myths perpetuated all these years and was the excuse why his body wasn't found. He jumped and died in the woods to the northeast. Then some of the money is found way to the southwest. Oops.

So now we need a wolf to carry the money bag into the correct drainage area.

As that one guy was pointing out in his posts. The flight path, exit time and money location don't reconcile.

I say go with the solid evidence, the found money. Then work back from that point. If the most likely explanation of how the money ends up there (natural non human transport) requires you to move the flight path, then move it.

I think it is possible that the mapped flight path is waaay off from the path actually flown by NWA 305 that night. I know there is a huge disagreement on that point. Most think the mapped flight path that the FBI used was very accurate. I do not yet share that level of confidence.

Just one slip up, like assuming that the radar antenna installation is centered at the airport, could throw it way off. ATC surveillance radar can be located remotely from the airport and can be corrected for the controller displays to give the airport as the center of the screen. If you were working with raw radar data from the radar installation site you might make a mistake if you thought you were looking at corrected data destined for an airport centered display. There lots of ways that the map could be off, and then again it might be very accurate. Until I know exactly how it was prepared and what data was used, I am not confident that it accurately displayed NWA 305s exact flight path or presumed Cooper exit point.

Show me the money! Ok it was shown. Show me the plane! OK, we have the plot map. Hey, the two don't reconcile, whats up with that??? Show me the most likely explanation. Is it human transport of the money post landing or plane map inaccuracy? That's where we disagree.

Time for SafecrackingPLF, Sluggo, Zing, Ckret and all the others to rejoin the civil peaceful respectful discussion we are having here under Quade's ever-watchful moderator eye. Hey, Patty Hearst got a Presidential pardon, and she robbed a bank in SF and shot out the front of a sporting goods store in LA with a fully automatic carbine. Be a sport Quade, early parole is requested. The prisoners are rehabilitated and meaningful work awaits them, right here.

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