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I am curious as to why nobody mentions mobile radio's as a possibility? I am to young to know the state of PMR in the early 70's but young enough and from a background where hand-helds had good range 2-3miles on the ground and small enough to be highly portable (pre-mobile phone days).

A big speculative "if" but could he have co-ordinated a drop with someone on the ground using radio? range is hugely extended with height and a 20 mile "line of sight" is possible with a plane at altitude. Potential scenario is that IF he/they knew the flight path someone could "spot" for him even without a visual cue through the noise of the plane passing overhead?

CB walkie talkies were widely available in 1971 and had RF power ranges of 0.1 to 5 watts in the 27 MHz band. Range HUGELY depended on terrain between the two units. In 1963 when I was a kid I had a Lafayette 0.1 watt single channel CB walkie talkie. It wasn't the toy type, it had 10 transistors and a good double conversion superhet receiver. My friend had one too.

We could get about half a mile in thick forest, but between high hilltops, we once got 9.3 miles and the reception was quite clear. The 5 watt units would have better range. If Cooper had an accomplice positioned on a mountaintop, and Cooper had a line of sight to that peak, it is VERY likely that they could talk to each other for 10 miles or more with cheap (30-80 dollars) CB walkie talkies of that era. That still leaves a serious problem arranging a rendevous since Cooper could probably not tell exactly where he was. Being able to communicate is not the same as being able to locate.

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