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CKRET. Could you please tell us what DNA evidence was used to rule out Weber? Yes we know it was DNA from the tie but what evidence was used for Weber's DNA?

Unfortunately, I think Ckret and a bunch of the other main "sleuths" have retired from using this forum due to the events of the past week. .=====================================

I got an email from one of the sleuths - (my private email is what I use on the forum profile). They got bannished.

I have a detailed list of the items the FBI retrived from me on Mar 28 2003 and return in March of 2007 - 4 yrs later. Duane died in 1995 and the items had been cleaned and used by others but I gave them what I had...eight 8 yrs after he died. They even tested some particials that I cleaned and put in a plastic bottle - he never touched that bottle.
All I was told was they found no prints - PRINTS???- they were looking for DNA ---? The agent returning the items was new.....I guess he didn't know prints from DNA.

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