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Feb 6, 2008, 2:28 PM

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Re: [ryoder] This Message is for CKRET

You want an even bigger mystery disappearance?

Perfect flat calm weather, big RED sailboat, local trip(SF to Farallons and back), and the guy and his boat just plain vanish. Not a speck of debris was ever found and the search was started quickly. Not skydiving related, but an example of how large objects and people can remain missing even when you have a limited area where they could have met their end. This sailor was well connected in the tech field and his friends put every resource to work to solve the mystery. The USCG flew and sailed extended searches and found NOTHING. I have commercial fished in the Gulf of the Farallons for years and this case baffles me. If he was hit by a freighter there would be lots of debris. If he sank there would be some debris and an oil slick. If he did some fake disappearance scam, a big RED sailboat is not what you'd be sailing. If he sunk in a fishing area, sooner or later someone would get his trawl gear hung up on the wreck in an area shown on the charts as clear and the wreck would be investigated.

Oh well, back to DB Cooper. At least we have some traces: the found money and the door placard.

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