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I had wondered about the Alcatraz escape... Wouldn't most drowned bodies float on the surface until they washed up ashore somewhere? No bodies were ever found. I would be hard pressed to believe they survived anyway. They had to go more than a mile to reach the mainland against mean currents and frigid waters and I just don't see that happening unless they had today's wetsuits.

The Alcatraz to shore swim has been done without wetsuits, but those who have done it are athletes. The water temp is generally between 54 and 60 degrees F. which doesnt sound real cold but believe me, I have gone swimming in SF bay (briefly) without a wetsuit and it feels like you are freezing. There is a slack water period between tides that would be optimal for such a swim. Even if the tidal current is running, you arent swimming directly against it when you head towards SF. It mostly moves you along the waterfront towards or away from the Golden Gate. The Coasties (USCG) tell me that bodies do not always float. If they stay on the bottom for a while, crabs will puncture any cavities that could hold gas from tissue decomposition and refloat the body, then it stays on the bottom and is recycled into your next crab cocktail. Quite a few bridge jumpers are never found. Did the missing prisoners make it to shore? To paraphrase a movie title: No Swim for Old Men

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