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Ground plan? Good point. I think McCoy took a taxi, but that option wasnt available to Cooper. I have no idea how Cooper planned to exit the landing and get transportation back to civilization without arousing suspicion. That is a real serious puzzler.

I discussed this in the other thread, but not in detail probably. Duane told me once "Here's the keys - if I am not here by 1PM, go back to XXX and I will find you."

This happened in 1981 or 82...I am not sure what he was up to - I didn't understand what he meant or why he was telling me that. He did get back before 1PM and we left the devil was after him.

This is exactly what he would have told another individual who may not have known what he was up to - making this person an unwilling accomplice. That is what he did to me in another circumstance except that it took me yrs to figure it out.

He knew the area like the back of his hand - hiding places abounded - he knew how to keep out of sight and how to get to advantage points. He utilized clothing taken from an open shed left hanging there by the owner - work clothes - (cover-alls to be specific).

377 - someone told me that you are not just someone interested in this crime and that you have used me for that true? I hope not, but at this point I just don't care...I am tired and I have to get this told. I am being told that Duane is being completely ignored as a suspect - and that the Mayfield people have used me for information for a book. I don't know how much truth there is in this and I don't care...I just need help in finding the information I need -- right now that is Edna and Zona. The FBI has ignored the employment history given to me by a prior wife. How much more can they ignore.

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