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The Dan Cooper case is one of the most fascinating crimes of the 20th century. If Cooper's identity was revealed tomorrow, the news would make the front page of newspapers around the world. So I am completely baffled by the hostile reception this discussion has received on this forum. Because of the nature of the crime, a discussion of it belongs on any aviation forum, skydiving forum, and crime forum.

Albert18? ? Watch Out they don't like Whuffos here (just kidding) - you said something in your post that gave away your identity - and I could not be more pleased the site got your attention and you have been lofting all along......shows some flexibility in your point of view.

I have new information if you care to contact me - I think you will find this new information ODD. I will say that one of the posters here questioned me about something forcing me to revisit my OLD files(Thank You 377).

From 1997 to 2000 all of my notes were hand written or recorded...I do not usually go back to old information thinking I have been there done that...a few things jumped out at me - some of which I revealed on the locked site...THE most IMPORTANT THING I did not, nor did I reveal it to the FBI.....but, I would love to talk to you about it...I believe you have the resources and capabilities to put a "hook" into this piece of information.

TO ALL POSTERS: Ignore me if you wish, but Duane was Cooper and I will prove energy level is ebbing recently, but I am going to go to WA, MT, ID and OR. I have in the last few days spent endless hours contacting these areas only to re-affirm that I allowed myself to stray away from where I should have focused. The old saying "you can't see the forest for the trees" - oh, how true.

ASSISTANCE NEEDED: Need to locate Edna (probably deceased) and / or daughter born in 1946/47 and given the name Zona. This woman would hail from the N.W. - WA, ID, OR or MT.....she may or may not have taken the name of Weber or aka used by Duane between 1945-1951. She may have known him as Wayne L. Weber Nickname "Dusty"

Edna would have been living in ID, Mt. OR or WA in 1944 - 1947 when she knew Duane and became pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter she named Zona .... Duane had mentioned Mx and Tx in relation to this daughter..may have been when he last saw her. He told he that the last time he saw her she was 9 yrs old. which would have been right after he was parolded from Folsom. in March of 1957... I believe that Edna may have family in Mx or Tx..

Somewhere out there is a sixty yr. old woman who told her father when she was 9 - she never wanted to see him again - (the last time she saw him.) He obviously followed her life - because he mention an attempt to see her between 1969 and memory has never let me remember what he said in regard to that. This would have been when he found out that he had a hereditary kidney disease. She would be genetically disposed.

If anyone has an idea how I can chase this down please let me know...IN my opinion the FBI should have some notes on his relatives while he was in San Quentin and Folsom....but the sister is listed on the records I have..and not a wife. Family only knows this wife and daug existed but never acknowledge them as Duane in a letter to his mother requested Edna attend his father's funeral on his behalf...bother and sister had no interests in the child or her mother.

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