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Feb 4, 2008, 1:00 PM

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Re: [Sluggo_Monster] DB Cooper

I don't agree that the FBI necessarily botched this investigation back in the 70's. I have a high opinion of the abilities of Cooper and I think the case is unsolved because of the decisions he made when he committed this crime.

It was an audacious crime. Think about what he did.

When he gave Flo the note, he really was telling the FBI that he was going to commit a crime, what kind of crime it was going to be, and where he could be found committing the crime. The crime then took many hours to unfold. Then he disappeared into the night.

I think Cooper knew what had to happen for him to get away with this crime. He knew he had to cut it close to the edge and that is what he did. I think he knew he risked being killed by the jump but he also knew that if he walked away from the landing, his chances were very good.

The Dan Cooper case is one of the most fascinating crimes of the 20th century. If Cooper's identity was revealed tomorrow, the news would make the front page of newspapers around the world. So I am completely baffled by the hostile reception this discussion has received on this forum. Because of the nature of the crime, a discussion of it belongs on any aviation forum, skydiving forum, and crime forum.

I really think there is only one way to find out the identity of Dan Cooper. Have the indictment of Dan Cooper pulled so he can come in from the cold. If he is still alive then he beat the odds and while he doesn't deserve a ticker tape parade, he does deserve the spirit of the statute of limitations be upheld.

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