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Jim_Hooper  (D 4019)

Feb 4, 2008, 10:03 AM

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Re: [quade] DB Cooper

Ever been to a party crashed by people you wouldnít entertain in your garden shed? You know the type. They walk through your house like they owned it, help themselves to whatís in the fridge, change the music to what they like, spill red wine and put out cigarettes on your carpets, treat your books and skydiving trophies like pieces of junk, leave wet rings on your lovingly-restored antique oak table, and miss the toilet bowl when they piss. And then, incredibly, are offended when you get irritated. Among that milieu is the sub-type who can talk for hours in a monotone about the many shades of metallic-flake paint, not noticing your eyes glazing over. When you move to a group of friends, he follows and butts in with the same topic, one so soporific that everyone mumbles politely and wanders off. When you survey the damage the next morning, you wish you hadnít been quite so polite. Better to have grabbed Ďem by the scuff of the neck and run Ďem out of your house and off your property.

(There are some who may already have a sneaking suspicion where Iím heading with this.) is a clever idea, an enticing venue for skydivers to air all sorts of topics. But when non-skydivers arrogantly treat it as their own, not least because those it was designed for are too polite to tell Ďem to hit the road, then a problem is generated, one that becomes increasingly divisive. Especially so when itís clear that their Ďcontributionsí (inevitably larded with poor grammar, worse syntax, and flabby thinking) are sad efforts to draw attention to themselves in the company of people who, unlike themselves, actually understand the mechanics of aviation, parachute equipment, freefall, and meteorology. Itís those who do grasp those subjects, through the expenditure of time, passion, money and effort, that have earned (yes, earned is the right word) the right to contribute.

Going back to the beginning, you might reasonably ask if I socialize with non-skydivers? You bet I do. But they are articulate, engaging and fascinating people who have taken risks and pushed the envelope in their own fields of endeavor, certainly not wannabes who live dull troglodyte lives surrounded by fantasies they havenít the moral, philosophical or physical courage to ever realize.

Like our much-burdened moderator, I wish the good ones fair winds in their quest.

And with that, I think Iíve said enough on the subject.


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