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Feb 3, 2008, 5:58 PM

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Re: [quade] Popular Cooper Myths Debunked

Quade, is it fun scolding an FBI agent, and from a position of superior online power? Cut him some slack, even once more if needed. I think he got the message and his transgression was so minor.

I have gotten in FBI agent's faces, but in a very safe environment: courtroom cross examination. There the only downside was possibly pissing off a judge who saw all defendants as guilty. That kind of judge didn't really appreciate me grilling men who he considered national heroes in the fight against crime. The FBI agents (actually they were all FBI "Special Agents", never heard of one who was just an FBI Agent) generally took it stride. We both had jobs to do. City cops sometimes took it personally and gave me dirty looks or a single finger salute in the hall outside the courtroom. Never had an FBI agent do that.

I used to jump with some prosecutors at Lake Elsinore back in the 70s. Quite a few criminal defense lawyers jump. Wonder if we have any FBI agents in the skydiving ranks? There must be a few, but they don't get paid very well and skydiving is not a cheap sport if you are really active in it. Maybe they married rich and spend all weekend at the DZ using multiple rigs and paid packers. Ckret: any jumpers in your office? What do they think? Did Cooper go in with no pull or did he make it?

Lets keep this forum alive: no personal attacks. Tolerate others no matter how wacky, obsessed, inexperienced or ill informed they seem to be. Like Rodney K. said: "Can't we all just get along?"

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