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Feb 1, 2008, 1:27 PM

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Re: [SafecrackingPLF] Popular Cooper Myths Debunked

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If he makes his way to any road, he might be able to average a rate of foot speed of 1 mph for 9 hours or a total distance of 9 miles.

Average hiking speed for people is around 2 to 3 mph at a regular walking gait, on smooth ground, like a road. Add hills, gullies, rough terrain etc., and it goes down real quick. But even on an ideal surface, you can't calculate distance with just speed x time. That's because human leg muscles tire, feet blister, and therefore 10 miles is quite a stretch for the regular person of normal conditioning. 20 miles of hiking in a day is extreme, regardless of the hours available in which to do it. So regardless of the time, a hiker is going to poop out around 10-15 miles and need a long rest.

Cooper would have been highly motivated to walk as long as necessary, but given 9 hours to escape and reach safety before daylight, in that terrain, I would expect he could only cover about 10-15 miles tops. Then if not to safety yet, he would likely have needed to hide-out somewhere during daylight hours, rest up, and continue his journey the following night. Maybe that shack that Joe mentions?...

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