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Feb 1, 2008, 11:06 AM

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Re: [377] Popular Cooper Myths Debunked

The most likely explanantion is that it got there naturally and was not "carried and buried".

"Back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and to the left!"
- Jim Garrison played by Kevin Costner in JFK

I certainly see what you're saying, and I'm not trying to be obstinate... I'm just trying to tell you that there are serious hurdles the least of which are the timeline.

For your theory to hold true, the timeline will probably have to get bumped to 8:16 AND Captain Scott has to deviate far off course in the next 9.5 miles. We're not talking about hundreds of square miles out in the ocean, we're talking about a flight vector and a few minutes for him to take a heading that's way off course.

We have to violate a lot of rules just to support the "likely" scenario that the money floats down streams, floats into LaCamas lake, floats down the Columbia river and does this in a way consistent with the money found in 1980 (having been deposited within the last year).

As tough as the jump may be, the only "evidence" we have of a no pull or even worse, lost money in mid-air is purely conjecture based on opinion and what if's regarding all reliable sources of information.

You then have to say no one found his body or saw the money even after all these things.

I'm no scientist or statistician, but I'd venture to say one hypothesis carries a boatload more weight than the other.

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