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Feb 1, 2008, 10:39 AM

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Re: [377] Popular Cooper Myths Debunked

I am beginning to think a no pull may have occured.
If you assume this, even if based upon reasonable thinking, you still have to resolve some serious issues.

FBI & NWA originally felt strongly that the jump occured prior to 8:12.
You have to account for this and justify it getting pushed to at least 8:15, and likely more like 8:16 as the plane flies past BTG-VOR.

If you tackle that hurdle, now you have to assume a heading much more eastern than it would have been. In other words, the heading would be a several degrees smaller than what's is assumed.

Let me show you what I mean... the eastern most point the plane was in at 8:12 is point O on Ckret's map (p47). The coordinates of that point are:
N 45 51 32.37 W 122 36 24.13
Instead of a heading to BTG-VOR, let's put the heading directly to LC6, the closest NW corner of the tributary zone. That point is:
N 45 43 43.47 W 122 32 58.74

The heading between each of these points is 162.944 deg verses 171.075 deg if he aimed for half a mile east of BTG-VOR and 174.538 deg if he headed directly for BTG-VOR.
You can see, Captain Scott really has to shave down his turn.

If you tackle that hurdle, you have to account for forward throw by moving the flight path east 2 miles, or add another minute onto the timeline to place the plane squarely upon the target zone (it's an additional 2.8 miles). If you tackle this, now there's really no "brush" for his body to hide in as he's lying on a farm.

1... 2... 3 strikes you're out they used to say.

On what reasonable basis, other than how tough the jump might have been, can we logically conclude a no pull? All evidence that is known points in the other direction.

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