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Jan 30, 2008, 1:26 PM

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Re: [skyjack71] Debunk the OLD profile ATTENTION CKRET

One could conceivable place 17K on their person.
If he had a nylon waist pouch 5K more.

You are SERIOUSLY underestimating the amount of cash that can be stored in pockets.

Cooper has two coats: A rain coat and a business jacket. The raincoat pockets can easily fit two stacks each (400 bills) which amounts to 8,000. He can then put that much in his business suit pocket (2 stacks = 4,000). His raincoat will likely have an inside pocket as well, possibly two, each can fit at least 2 stacks... and he can fit up to 3 stacks in each of his pant pockets depending on how deep they are... my estimation of 2 stacks in the other pockets are also conservative.
A stack of cash might sound like a lot, but not really, especially if the rubberbands are tight.

Adding all of these together and we're talking about $20,000+... somewhere between $20,000 and $28,000 depending on the size and quantity of pockets.

I don't think he'd put much more than maybe the stack he offered Tina into a pocket before jumping... She'd see him doing this if he did. I personally think he had other items in his pockets (such as the demand note) He could stuff them on the ground or upon getaway.

Go to the bank and request several stacks of $1 bills. The bank straps really compress the money, so when you get home, put them in rubberbands... it will expand it, but not that much.
You will then see what I mean... you're way underestimating the amount of money. Cooper can walk away with close to $30,000 in his pockets, easy.

I didn't even count putting stacks behind his back between his shirt and belted slacks (where people often stuff guns)... another 4 to 6 stacks could go there. If he stuffs his pockets, he's walking away with close to 30k +/- depending on how many & size of pockets.

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