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Jan 30, 2008, 1:13 PM

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Debunk the OLD profile ATTENTION CKRET

In 36 yrs this profile has not been successful - therefore an updated profile might be helpful.

-He had olive skin.
In 1971 olive skin was a common catch-all for one who did not have a very fair or dark complexion - even today some individuals do not know what an olive complexion is. Shaffner said that he could be Indian or Latin - that certainly is not considered an olive complexion...this statement of hers was never put into the profile and today has not changed. With this said - a more accurate description of the complexion should run like - medium olive complexion with Indian or Latin under tones...might be considered Ruddy by some.

-Receding hair line
- it has also been stated to the artist that he had a high forehead...hence most take that to mean receding, but not necessarily.


The money - part of it being found...What if he put the money into different containers...under that coat he may have been wearing a nylon pouch attached to his waist and part of the money went there. Also the money he offered Tina may have along with more of the money may have been stowed on his person - add it up...2 pants pockets, 3 jacket pocket with the inside pocket and the raincoat had to large pocket outside and 3 inside pockets.
One could conceivable place 17K on their person.
If he had a nylon waist pouch 5K more.

Obviously he took the brief case - how no one knows how, but it had fingerprints on it and certainly he could not leave it.

The dummy pack - which has been theorize he tossed - maybe he cut the good front pack for what he needed to secure some of the money in that dummy.

Wink Now was there a nylon cover that he put over the money bag prior to securing it to himself? This Nylon bag had loops and hooks on it thru which the cords ran.

Unless Cooper had transportation waiting for him - he could not pinpoint his landing area and there is no way he can get to that transportation and carry all he had - too obvious. He has to bury his things and come back for them later.

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