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Jan 30, 2008, 12:58 PM

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Re: [speedy] Popular Cooper Myths Debunked

My guess is that the money got there by other means. Maybe someone found the money, they knew it was hot and stashed it somewhere and kept quiet.

Speedy, you're on the money. The only correction I will say is that under 8:15 is only guessed. It's about 8:14:30 at BTG-VOR... somewhere around that time, it's very possible to make it to the target area if he jumps after the plane turns, he would jump somewhere around I-205. The problem is, this cures the angle, but then requires the distance, and at 17 mph surface winds and where he's landing (a farm) you REALLY have to get out there to say he died upon landing even though he opened his chute.

1800 feet forward throw... would this apply to a money bag as well? If so, there's no way in hell the money lands in the target area (which would have to be dropped right at BTG-VOR and then thrown towards the target area... but the angle of the path still puts it West of the target area by at least a mile, can 30mph winds really push a falling object east that far (we're talking less than 90 sec fall time)?

Like I said, you're on the money, no pun intended. The money, as it stands right now, is as conclusive as if someone HAD found a bill in circulation.... you can say Cooper probably spent it, but in reality, you only have proof that "someone" spent it.

Same thing here... someone has to move the money.

More likely than not, it was Cooper... but if we say Cooper died, then we're really saying someone found the body or at least the money and then moved it and never told a soul.

You still have to account to why it was found and why it was found when it was found and why it was found where it was found. Someone finding the money really wouldn't explain this unless they found it in 1979 and deemed it worthless and threw it in the river.

That's my take anyway. I'm glad you took the time to look... I'd love to have Kallend verify the trajectory/forward throw if Cooper loses the money in mid air.

My estimations of how far he can drift are generous... they assume he travels the same speed as the wind and not a hair slower.

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