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Jan 30, 2008, 10:47 AM

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Re: [speedy] Popular Cooper Myths Debunked


The flight path goes from point D to point F (I skipped a point in between on this map because it didn't matter and I didn't want to clutter the image), it then goes to point BTG-VOR and then proceeds south of what this shows, to the RAWER intersection.

WGS 84 format that will work with Google Earth. I don't necessarily want to put the file on here because I have personal places on the globe that I may not want to make public (such as where I live, etc).

Points on FBI Map (thread pg 47)
D N 45 56 55.70 W 122 36 14.71
F N 45 51 32.23 W 122 37 08.31

Other points outlined on my map:
BTG VOR N 45 44 52.14 W 122 35 29.52
RAWER N 45 14 08.34 W 122 47 39.54

Pressure bump occured between Point D & maybe just after BTG-VOR. I personally think it was between Point D & Point F, but Ckret says it might be as late as 2015 that it happened.

The next locations are approximate, for example, I can tell you what beach the money was found, but not the exact place on the beach.
N 45 42 43.47 W 122 45 37.81 will give you the beach and approx location.

Lake River meets with the Columbia at about:
N 45 50 32.95 W 122 46 50.79

E Fork Lewis meets with the Lewis at about
N 45 51 57.50 W 122 43 10.72

The Lewis meets with the Columbia at about
N 45 51 13.17 W 122 46 47.66

The target zone as described in my post on Sunday,
LC 6 is the NW corner
N 45 43 43.47 W 122 32 58.74
N 45 43 10.33 W 122 33 05.51
LC9 (he pretty much has to land north of this based on winds and distance)
N 45 42 35.68 W 122 32 21.23

The known winds were posted by Ckret last week. I have a chart that shows them. At different altitudes, they blow in different directions... the directions are either 225 deg or 235 deg. The speed varies between 23 mph and 29 mph, but Ckret posted this in kts and I did a conversion since mph is how most people think.
The ground winds were 17 mph according to his post.

I did position the map towards north, the writing is sideways only because I made a quarter turn to do the screen capture, and then turned it back when I drew everything in.

Any other questions?

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