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Jan 30, 2008, 9:15 AM

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Re: [Orange1] Popular Cooper Myths Debunked

I suppose there's plenty of things the grudge could be.

If it were about the war, do you think Cooper would want to make that clear in some way?
Wouldn't he want to leave a newspaper that says "Thousands Die in Vietnam" or something along those lines? Or some type of military emblem if his beef was with the military itself? Or at least tell Tina "war is really a bad thing".. or "the military ruins people's lives"... but instead, he says "I just have a grudge"

I don't know, I'm just throwing that out there... because if he seriously has a grudge and he wants the other party to know, he'd let them know somehow. That's all I'm saying.

Maybe he was just a greedy person and he lied about having a grudge. Who's to say?

I want to make one thing a little more clear... it's not "me" who says it's not possible for money to wash down stream, but rather it's actually what we know that is saying that.

I've gone ahead and made a rough, very rough overview of Clark County with various "zones".
The zones are:
Lewis River
E. Fork Lewis
Salmon Creek
Vancouver Lake
Lake River
LaCamas Lake
and Washougal River

I've outlined them... Lake River is only labeled, it runs parallel to the Columbia and picks up the water from Salmon Creek and Vancouver lake. It adjoins the Columbia river at point "Y" on the map.
Point "X" is where the money was found.

The distance between the two is roughly 9.47 miles (a little longer if you count the curvature of the river)

Lewis River & E Fork zones both feed the Columbia together (because they merge before they get to the Columbia)... and this is even further north than point Y.

These are the only places where water meets up with the Columbia.

Therefore, we are truly restricted to these "zones".

Creeks & Streams are based on elevation and folds in the earth's crust... these do not change drastically in 30 years, they don't. They're relatively constant.

When I said the waterline of the Columbia has changed a lot since 79, it HAS... I'm talking about the shape of the beaches and such... the location of the Columbia itself has not changed at all.

The boundaries aren't exactly precise, but they will give you an idea of what we're looking at. Quite simply, if Cooper died upon impact or he lost the money on the way down, then the money absolutely must reach the LaCamas or Washougal zones.

I left the flight path drawn in for you.

I believe it was 377 that asked about Mt. St. Helens. I will tell you my understanding... most of the ash blew into eastern washington. Yakima looked as though it was nightime it was so thick.
There was ash in Clark County, but the winds and the direction of the blast blew it north and east. It was the north face of St. Helens that blew (see pic).

I'm not necessarily trying to justify Cooper's survival, it is really challenging to show him dying or losing the money... and by challenging I mean close to impossible unless we move the flight path.

I understand that money that shows up proves something: It proves Cooper did not spend the money that was found.

Which then leads to the question: Well, why would he not spend the money?

Which then leads to an ad-hoc answer: well, because he surely died.

What the evidence is suggesting to myself and to everyone else is that this giant leap of an answer has serious problems that cannot be resolved unless there's something significantly false (such as time of pressure bump or the plane was 5 miles east of its flight path).

Okay? I get it... it's really convenient to say Cooper probably died. Afterall, he did not spend $5800 worth of money that was found and it's a nice answer as to why.

What I'm pointing out is that this is the very definition of ad-hoc and the evidence clearly points the other way.

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