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Jan 17, 2008, 12:56 PM

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Re: [DSE] USPA - Jan Meyer Impeachment??

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What evidence do you have that the email address was removed [because some BOD members did not want to hear from members]?.

The "official" reason was that this email address listed on USPA's web site caused SPAM to be sent to the BOD, (which of course it did because all email addresses listed on web sites cause a certain amount of SPAM).

However, there was an issue (I don't recall which) that was discussed on rec.skydiving at the time that generated a large interest in comments to the BOD, so about 30 members used this email address to contact the BOD.

Those BOD members who appreciate feedback from members simply read them and made mental note of their content. (Not too much to ask, eh?)

At the next BOD meeting when this was being discussed I vividly remember Glenn Bangs referring to the emails he received that were forwarded through this email address as a "SPAM Dump".

I vividly remember it of course because of his coining of that phrase to refer to [messages from USPA members that he did not want to get].

(He was not the only BOD member who did not want to receive emails from members. It was more or less the internet-naive BOD members that were used to a contact-free existence because other methods of contact from members were not as efficient as email.)

So be careful you USPA member "spammers"!

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