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Jan 17, 2008, 12:55 PM

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Re: [lauraliscious] USPA - Jan Meyer Impeachment??

[replyWhy don't I just send an e-mail to the whole board and ask them what the reason was, maybe they'll all give us the same legitimate reason why that e-mail address was removed. Oh, wait, I can't. CrazyUnimpressed

What, in your opinion, would be a source that was trustworthy enough to make a determination if that above statment is true or not?
Of course you can email the entire board. I've done it a few times. And gotten decent responses from a few of them, zero responses from others (yeah, I think they're dicks for not responding, and yes, I highly respect those that have).
Is it really so hard to click a few names? CRTL + C and CTRL + V. That's all it takes. Or APPLE +C/Apple +V if you use a Mac. Or create a custom email addy in Outlook. Or copy/paste this page
No. The word of one sitting BOD member isn't enough to convince me that the reason the email was disconnected was because "the board didn't want to hear from their constituents." Logic applies: If you don't accept what Glenn Bangs (or any other disfavored BOD member) then why should *anyone's* individual word be accepted? The whole alleged point of the impeachment action is due at least in part, to what one BOD member said without authorization from the others. Is the word of only one BOD member the word of the BOD, or of an individual?
I'm merely attempting to remain fair based on what appear to be constantly changing rules of engagement. How is it that *this* BOD member's word isn't acceptable but *that* BOD member's word isn't? Either it's all accepted or none of it is, IMO. Can't pick n' choose.
Either way, I'm not willing to go off cocked n' locked based on the very flimsy amount of information currently available.
As on person so eloquently put it in a private mail "I'm too new to know the history behind all of this." Guilty!. I'm also not naive about the politics of large representational organizations and have seen more than one situation explode due to lack of information, and felt like a fool for being on a bandwagon with only 3 wheels. So forgive me for wanting to be open-minded for the time being. I'm funny that way.

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