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"I also see from your posts and how long it took for you to actually aknowledge Joe Weber in this thread."

"This tells me that you have been exausted by her in the past before coming to this forum with your knowledge. It is then confirmed that you are exausted when she states that you did not return her phone call."

" think you need to lose your emotional side to this case and your previous experience with jo and look again."

"you are so exausted by the Duane part of the case that in your head part of you is trying to prove it is NOT duane more than trying to prove who it is."

"Maybe you are wrong though and need to step back and relook into what Jo is telling you."

"what i am trying to say is, step back, work more with Jo, it seems you two working together could go alot further with this than not"

"Good luck, I hope you make your legacy in your department and are remembered for it. "

SmileI appreciate the above post by BigWay and I want to make it clear. I have not hounded this agent - below is the sum total of contacts to the best of my memory.

First Contact: The weekend before the FBI went public in Oct 2007 - Carr called to let me know that they were ruling Duane out and wanted me to be the first to know - yet in a recent post he claims to have know since Feb of 2007. He gives me an email address and a phone number to answer my questions.

Second Contact: I called that number to find out if it was actually him posting on the forum. His cell was breaking up - and he calls me back. I told him that he never answered my questions (this is also stated in our forum). He never got very far on my questions because when we got to the subject of prison finger prints - He badgered me....kept insisting that it could not be done....nothing else matter except what he thought could not be done. I had already stated that I did NOT feel WELL. I was having chest pain and needed get off the phone - he asked me to fax the information I had that would validate my claim.

Later in this very forum I would ask him to arrange those faxes to be done by the local office as I did not feel comfortable giving him information he has access to. Go back to those posts - he ignores me and he does not contact me at my home or by email with a response.

I then (12/09/07) sent him a lengthy email with an attachment or separate email of an old email that I made in Jan of 2007 regarding a item concerning N,W. airlines (since he had obviously never read it). I also need answers as to why if the FBI had known since Jan of 2007 the DNA did not match - why they waited until Oct. of 2007 to tell me - a day before going public and that he goes on record stating I had been told in Feb of 2007 -which is NOT TRUE.

I would later send him another email (12/15/07) because he did not acknowledge information posted in the forum about ( the composite redo for Florence Shaffner which had recently surface in a manner I could compare and the other prison photo I had held for all of these yrs...?)

I sent another email (12/29/07) regarding the witness that he and other agents refused to regards to the hotel registration all the way from China.

This is the sum total of my contacts with Agent Carr. He nor the FBI have ever acknowledge the statement I made concerning the chain of custody regarding the evidence nor the fact that if the chain had indeed been complied with - they would know where the cigarette butts absconded to - the only valid DNA they have that could not have been compromised.

If this is hounding the FBI when I am running out of time then "Forgive Me". Not one agent really checked Duane out.

SmileTwelve yrs ago I asked them to let me help with the contact of a certain individual. Why? If the FBI was coming to see you and you had something to hide or were involved - what would you do? Whatif it was someone you had gotten to know and trust because they knew all about it - wouldn't you be more likely to open up...since it had been over 25 yrs at the time in question?

"That Minnie she done went and run her mouth way too much. Now what is she to do?"

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