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" Am I correct that the FA told of DB securing the money to his body with line from one of the rigs? "

"If he did, in fact, tie the money to his body, I think this was his biggest error."

"Can someone clarify or speculate "how" he actually tied the money to himself?"

" What was the package like and how was it secured to his body?"

"What I can't visualize is how he exited."

"Any non-symmetrical body position---------------exacerbate the turbulence and burbles which would tug at the package."

"...holding the attache case in freefall"

"I'd guess the money was ripped from his body...and he was left with nothing but a cool story to tell."
I am going to throw some scenarios out there about the above questions. Remember I am not a jumper but the things I am going to say come from unrelated skyjack conversations in the past with Duane and/or something he did under another circumstance.

1. In one conversation he talked about how to tie a package to one's self without fear of loosing it in "water"...he showed me a knot that was used that would allow you to release the package so it would not pull you under and yet keep it close enough for maneuvering and that properly encased also lent itself as a buoy.

2. He would have tied the package to himself in this manner - he was a master of knots. Close enough to hold, but able to release if necessary. He would have had another wrapper for the package (probably waterproof) that would have fit easily in the briefcase. He would not leave the briefcase -he was too careful of prints to allow that. A fact that may substantiate the other unusual clip in his belongings - remember that I describe two items.

3. How he exited the plane? - this I know because of two reasons: Experiments with the Boeing (which Duane was aware of - remember Duane's brother was a consultant for the army for Boeing) was to back down the aftstairs to the very end and to drop off. Packages were dropped in this manner - they were not pitched out but slid down the aftstairs and then release. The other reason is the Dream - he was reaching out with one hand upward as if to grasp...but it was just a dream and only my word.

4. He was very good at putting things in small packages - I am sure he utilized everything he took and what was available. He would have quessed they might not deliver the package as requested. One he would have utilized that dummy pack for parts or had clips with him or removed them from the other chute to secure it to himself. The money he pulled out to give Tina - he would have stuffed in his pockets and would have stuffed other pockets also...hence why some of the money was found if he did not put it there himself in 1979.

5. There were two different types of container after he died. One I still have - is a flat dark tan heavy bag about 12 x 9 with a spring like closure - what I thought to be used by a clerk to take money to a bank from a business. The other one was a small canvas bag with a handle and could be collapsed to almost nothing (had leather straps for attaching to something else...A very sturdy bag.)I mentioned these to the FBI yrs ago. Both bags would have fit inside of the briefcase behind the upper flap and would not have been seen.

6. I have asked the FBI if they had the cords that were cut - if so I have the knife that would have been use. Can't they match cut ends of cords with the knife that cut them?

That Mouse - he a back-up plan. He was not going to get caught in a trap again.

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