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Jan 1, 2008, 8:46 AM

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Zing, what do you base your belief on that Cooper lived and walked out of the forest with $200,000 dollars?

As I have said before and I think the old guys here will agree. This jump was entirely doable even for someone with limited skills.

Ever wonder why one segment of smokejumpers still uses rounds ? They are great for tree landings. Cooper took a shot......jumped...walked out, called a bud or his girlfriend ,who was in the area, and if hes still alive at his advanced age,is enjoying this immensely.

You keep asking us for proof , Ckret , we keep telling you , you are full of shit and that this jump was easily done and surviveable.

Let me turn the show some "proof" it wasnt.
As Stratostar said....lets see some bones...harness material or canopy. Heres a bit of "proof" the harness canopy could have survived 36 years in the forest.
I offer the WWII airmans bodies they keep finding on that glacier year after year.....with intact parachute gear on their bodies. This plane went down in 42.

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