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Jan 1, 2008, 7:54 AM

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Re: [Ckret] 2003 post

All you can show is a couple of stacks of cash from the night in question and the feds say it washed down stream, I don't think so. You find me what is left of a body and some old parachute shit hanging in a tree or in a pile on the forest floor covering the bones, or even the rest of the money any other proof you got that says that cooper isn't sitting on a beach sipping on a cool one and burning a big fatty someplace where the weather is great year round and the "powers that be" are on the take or easy to payoff.

Till then, ya got nothing that says that he didn't make it out.

I bet it was one of your (US GOV) drug mules from SE Asia who made it out of the black operations in cambodia or one of those "other" places we didn't fight the war......LOL, and this special forces dude came home pissed off and hooked on that good dope the US Gov. and their allies in SE Asia were moving to "pay for" the war. 200K would by a lot of smack back then if you knew who's general to go get it from.

And seeing how I know a handful of guys who were in "those countries" (but their records say different) that is not all that far fetched...... about as far fetched as DB Cooper couldn't have made it out, that is.

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