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Dec 31, 2007, 11:38 PM

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Re: [Ckret] 2003 post

Copied from the write up you did Carr:

"And what of some of the names pegged as Cooper? None have panned out. Duane Weber, who claimed to be Cooper on his deathbed, was ruled out by DNA testing (we lifted a DNA sample from Cooper’s tie in 2001)."

UnimpressedIF this is true - then why did they contact me in 2003 for Duane's DNA. and then DID not test that DNA until Nov. of 2006 - only after I contacted your office regarding a covert action I had been made aware of....

I understand that Multiple DNA was extracted from a mis-handled tie. The fact that the cigarette butts have been missing since 2003 onlysubstantiates the possiblility the tie was not kept in a manner that would make the DNA evidence fact....I am being to believe that the tie you have may not be the original tie. If someone was negligent enough to allow the cigarette butts to disappear - might they also have lost the tie and replaced it with a substitute. The butts they couldn't replace - so they just hoped no one would ever notice.

UnimpressedIf the evidence was handled properly as required by law then the cigarrette butts would also be there and you would know exactly who lost them and when.

MadUntil you can publicly announce what happened to the evidence and produce the cigarette butts then you cannot publicly state that the DNA rules out Duane L. Weber. All you do is cause someone who may have known him or suspect him to continue to stay silent.

MadThe FBI does NOT intend to solve this case - if they did they would have investigated Duane's past more. I know what I saw and what I held in my hands - DO you or the FBI want me to take a lie detector test? I will be more than glad to do so.

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