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Gawain  (D 29213)

Dec 29, 2007, 9:20 PM

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Re: [scotts] Joining The Club!

Do you still have your full tib-fib, amputated distally at the ankle?

Hey, at least you still have a knee, those make all the difference in lower limb amputations...akin to a paper cut. Tongue

Just joking man. I'm a left AK, and am happy to inform you that you aren't going to have too much of a problem getting back in the air, just make your physical therapist earn their pay and stay in the lead with your recovery.

Get linked up with ACA and find out as early as you can any "gaps" that may exist in any insurance coverage, etc.

Sorry to read of your injury, but the only limitations you encounter will be those put in place by yourself. Recover well...that's better than "recover fast".

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