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Nov 9, 2007, 4:21 PM

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Re: [GARYC24] California City Stories

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Well, since it's almost over, and there were so few involved to rat each other out, I guess it's OK for me to ask...

Anyone gonna bring up a small group sneaking the Cessna out of the hanger after midnight for some unmanifested night loads?
And the pilot not wanting to get busted using the radio to turn the runway lights on is OK too, until the landing light burns out, and the landing has to be done by sense of smell!


Remember any of this?
1. The bear on the runway, and then ran thru the experienced landing area we were all inside the milkvan thing!
2. And who could ever forget Y-DIVE (300 static line jumps in 1 day), also, the sewer line or something broke!

I remember borrowing the 210 a few times for drunked night dives alone with a hot little AFF student pre training with a night tamdem,

1. yes, and Scott going after it naked on a ATC
2. yes, 351 gay jumper in one day. and the first guy went Free fall when the static line broke.
and the cess pool backed up.

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