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Nov 9, 2007, 8:29 AM

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Re: [LloydDobbler] California City Stories

Hmmmm... anyone dare bring up the "Q-Ball + Nudity + P___'s Motorcylce" incident?


Anyway... no shit, there I was... remember the Sat or Sunday morning when a bunch of us were standing around bright and early... well it wasn't bright, but it was early... and the ceiling was around 3000' and it was spitting rain... we were trying to decide if... 1) hang out to see if it cleared up... 2) go home... or 3) start drinking now??? Van said lets load up and go over to the Silver Saddle for breakfast. So we all load up into the Otter and hop over to the Saddle for breakfast. By the time we get done and come out the ceiling has dropped a thousand feet or so and its raining for real, but we load back up to head back to the Cal City airport. As we head West from the Saddle back to Cal City... the ceiling that way is even lower... by the time we got back close to the Cal City airport, well, we were low... I was starting to worry about telephone poles... Blush. Anyway, made it back and now its one of those "no shit... there I was... thought I was gonna die... that wasn't so smart" stores that get told over and over after a bunch of beers. Wink

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