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hparrish  (D 25090)

Oct 28, 2007, 7:08 PM

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Re: [RMURRAY] Post your Hot Swoop X-Rays

Thanks...........I wish we could get some more of the Pro's to speak up. A few have spoken.

I think it speaks volumes when people we all respect....can share their hard or not so glamorous experiences.

I think it opens more eyes to hear from someone like Ian Bobo (just an example), that he got hurt doing X, Y, and Z. Folks may take a little more caution with their own cavalier approaches. I think a thread like this could do allot more than the theads where the 300 jump wonder is asking about a Velocity at 2.2:1 wingloading and gets his ass REAMED again. I'm getting tired of that thread repeating itself.

Hoping more folks will step up to the mic. It's a great Thread Idea and a really good learning tool.

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