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ChrisL  (C 35323)

Aug 7, 2007, 6:07 AM

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Re: [BIGUN] hot trunk

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This is exactly one of the reasons why I sent a letter of dissention to the FAA regarding the consideration of a 180 day pack cycle.

I don't see how extending it 2 months would prevent this type of thing.
Its not going to make people think any harder before doing something like that.

We currently have a 120 day cycle and the OP put his rig in the trunk.

Is it just that you think a longer cycle might cause things like that to go unnoticed for a longer period of time before being caught by a rigger?

I believe that unfairly penalizes everyone.

I think people should be more careful with their gear and not depend 100% on riggers to catch potential problems.

If the guy with the melted cables regularly inspected his own gear and made sure that all the cables could move freely (as we are supposed to do) then the length of the repack cycle wouldnt make any difference

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